Bucket Hats: The Savior of Round-faced Girls

Now the street food tempts people all the time. Girls especially love sweets, high-calorie foods such as ice cream, which leads to more and more round-faced girls. They want to lose weight but cannot resist the temptation of food. They can only let people see your double chin with no obstruction. These girls are distressed by that while cannot make a resolution to lose weight by decreasing food intake. The best way to become beautiful and thin is to cover the flesh on your face. Choose a suitable hat, such as a nice bucket hat, to make your face look small visually.

Summer is the right time to go out, while the strong sunlight often makes us fear. It is troublesome to take photos with a sun umbrella. Therefore, we need a bucket hat, to shade and to pose as well. That makes it become a must-have item for the summer.

When it comes to bucket hats, what will you think of? The hat is worn by fisherman.  These are just definitions of the past. Modern people are good at exploring the beauty around them; they integrate the traditional bucket hat with fashion elements. A bucket hat is a fashion item that can be matched with all kinds of clothes for many bloggers and stars are fascinated by it.

The bucket hat hides your face under its brim, giving people a feeling that you have oval face. It is really the savior of round-faced girls.

The round-faced girl can choose a light-colored bucket hat. For example, an azure bucket hat matches with a striped T-shirt, and hairstyle can also be used to modify the face shape for a round-faced girl. Wearing a bucket hat can make your big and round face look small.

For a round-faced girl with a large forehead, a wide-brim bucket hat can help her to solve troubles. The denim bucket hat has a wide brim and high top; the wide brim can be slightly rolled up without blocking your vision. The bucket hat with rolled-up brim not only modifies your face, but also expresses your personality. Pair with a white T-shirt, which looks very youthful and energetic.

This brown and wide-brim bucket is really suitable for people with round faces. The wide brim highlights your chin line and makes your facial features very stereo. On the contrary, this hat is not suitable for those who have small faces, which would make their small faces hide under the wide brim.

The bucket hat is a long-lasting piece of fashion, and more and more people are beginning to be attracted to it. The chic and stylish bucket hat allows you to wear in combination with all your clothes, such as skirts, shorts and T-shirt, which creates different styles of your wear. Every girl should have a bucket hat that can modify the shape of your face, so that let you easily stay away from the sun and enjoy the quiet time in the hot weather. At the same time, a bucket hat will show your true beauty.