Best Ideas to Store Your Hats

Everyone has his or her preferences in life. Some people like jewelry, perfume, handbags or shoes. Some people like hats. A hat not only completes your outfit, but also protects your head from the sun. But with so many hats in summer, having a hat wardrobe is crucial to keep them from disorder and even damaging their shape. Since hats come in all shapes and sizes, it’s a bit of a hassle to store them. Here we have collected some ways to store a hat.

  • Dress hanger and hooks

Sorting hats isn’t as difficult as you might think. One thing you need to know is how best to store it. Here’s a very simple way to organize your hats, all it takes is a dress hanger and a hook. You can stick it in your closet with a sticky hook and then use some plastic rings and hang your hats on them. For people with limited space, it’s a good idea to store their hats.

  • Hanging compartments

Hanging caps are the most common way to store hats, but this idea is also very useful especially for baseball caps. It’s also easy to store hats by color, use or brand. Put one hat on each compartment, so you don’t mess up. It is easy and quick to find the hat that you are going to wear on the day.

  • Accent the wall with hats

If you are someone who likes to decorate a room, and you have a lot of colorful and different kinds of hats, such as bucket hat, baseball cap, beret and other hats, why not put them out as showpieces? It is a very lovely and interesting way of doing so. You can choose a wall dedicated to the storage and display of hats, creating a unique decor inside the room.

  • Neatly snuggled inside drawers

It’s a good idea to keep your hats neatly in the drawer. It prevents dust and other factors that may affect the colors of the hats, and makes a good display. Neatly line up the hats in a drawer as shown in the picture. The drawer keeps out dust, moisture and other undesirable factors that can affect the storage of hats.

  • Wire mesh and clips

Although most people choose wooden panels for hanging hats, this unique wire mesh can actually be a stylish choice. The wire mesh offers the right space and support for clips and hats. It is also a simple option for wood board and copper sheet.

  • Larger hooks

If you have a large hat or the hat with a wide brim, while your closet or drawer cannot accommodate them, hanging these hats is the best way to do that so. However, some hat cabinets have small hooks that do not allow the large hats to be hung, which will often leave a hat displayed only on one side of it. In this way, you can display any kind of hat and see it from every angle. Hanging your hats on these large hooks will protect your hats from being damaged. It is very useful for wide-brimmed hats, such as wide-brimmed bucket hat, floppy hat, straw hat and so on.