Bucket Hats for Seaside Holiday

In hot summer, the seaside is the best place for most people to have a holiday. On the beach, you can feel the sea breeze, watch the waves flapping the shore, and listen to the sound of wind. In a word, the sea is the place where many of us want to go in summer.

Many people think that when we go to the beach, we can swim in the sea and play in the water. It will be very cool. In fact, the ultraviolet rays on the beach are very strong. In addition to the direct sunlight, the reflection of sea water and the reflection of sand on the sun are very high. There are no buildings and tree shades on the beach, people will unconsciously be exposed to the sun for a long time when having fun, which increases the time of exposure to ultraviolet rays. In addition, we will wear very few clothes on the beach, and to a certain extent, the exposed skin area will be increased. If your skin is soaked in sea water, the moisture content of the cuticle increases significantly, making your skin less able to reflect light and vulnerable to ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, you are more likely to get sunburned in the seaside, especially when you stay outdoors for a long time. Your skin is prone to swelling, tingling, blistering and peeling, etc. Therefore, the hot sun has become the anguish of thousands of beautiful girls, so you have to do sun protection job. Such as wearing sunscreen, sunhat, sun umbrella, moisturizing spray and so on. It is definitely not convenient to go to the beach to take umbrellas, so a sunhat is necessary. The bucket hat can not only shade, but also leave a beautiful photo of your seaside holiday. Wearing a nice bucket hat can protect you from the sun and its UV rays. So let’s have a look for some beautiful bucket hats for seaside holiday.

A straw bucket hat

Nothing is better than a straw bucket hat; a straw bucket hat is very suitable for the hot summer especially for long-time outdoors activities, such as go hiking, gardening, playing on the beach. The straw bucket hat has good ventilation and keeps your head cool during long outdoor activities. This hat can be worn deep enough to protect your face, ears and neck from the sun, paired with a black gauze skirt which is really comfortable and casual.

A white bucket hat

This white bucket hat has a wide brim which offers a good sun protection. It can make a collocation for all your wear. Matching with a braces skirt, expresses your grace and goodliness.

A wide-brim bucket hat

This bright yellow bucket hat has a large and wide brim, so that you can roll up the brim for a change of pace. This can create a whole new vibe for your outfit, and often changes the entire look of your bucket hat. Whether you want to change up your style or stand out from the rest wearing bucket hats, rolling up your brim can add a personal touch to your hat. A wide-brim bucket hat offers a better sun protection for your face, ears and neck. Then you can enjoy yourself at the seaside.

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