Risks Factors and Prevention for Melanoma

The risk factor is anything that increases a person’s chance of developing cancer. However, risk factors can affect the development of cancer, and most do not directly lead to cancer. Some people with several risk factors never develop cancer, while others who do not have known risk factors may develop skin cancer. Knowing your risk factors and discussing with your doctor may help you make smarter lifestyle and health care options. The following factors may increase the risk of developing melanoma.

The first one is sun exposure. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun plays an important role in the development of skin cancer. People live at high-altitude areas or in sunny areas throughout the year are at higher risk of developing skin cancer. Spending a lot of time outside during the middy hours also has a higher risk.

Exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation from the sun appears to be more closely related to melanoma, but a new research suggests that ultraviolet A (UVA) may also play a role in the development of melanoma and the development of basal and squamous cell skin cancers. Although UVB radiation can cause sunburn and does not pass through windows or other types of glass, UVA can pass through the glass, which can cause skin aging and wrinkling of the skin in addition to skin cancer. Therefore, it is very important to protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation.  

Secondly, people who use tanning beds, tanning parlors, or sun lamps have an increased risk of developing several types of skin cancers. It is highly recommended not to use an indoor tanning bed. People with many moles are called dysplastic nevi or atypical moles, which leads to a higher risk of melanoma. Dysplastic nevi are large moles with irregular colors and shapes.

Thirdly, people who have fair skin, blond or red hair, blue eyes and freckles have an increased risk of developing melanoma. The risk is also higher for people who have a tendency to burn rather than tan. Different factors lead to different types of skin cancer. Researchers have studied the factors that contribute to this type of cancer, including ways to prevent this disease. However, there are no proven ways to completely prevent this disease but you can reduce your risk by taking some basic measures.

It is significant to lower the risk of developing skin cancer by reducing exposure to UV radiation. This means reducing exposure to the sun and avoiding indoor tanning. That is crucial for people of all ages especially for those who have other risk factors for melanoma. Therefore, you must take some essential ways to protect you from the sun. It is best for you to limit or avoid direct exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., because the sun’s rays are most intense during this time. Another way to protect against the sun is to wear sun-protective clothing, including a sun hat that shades the face, neck, and ears. A bucket hat is made with UV protection factor may provide better protection. Besides, choose the best pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight.

Best Hiking Hats for Women

Hiking is not only favored by men, women also like to do this in recent years. It is very interesting and enjoyable. Women’s hiking hats are considered to be the current trend. When purchasing a hiking hat, you need to consider some essential factors.

The most important thing is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is the function of the hat. Hats with a UPF rating are more popular with women because the fabric already protects against harmful sun’s rays. When it comes to the function, the best hiking hat for women must have a chin strap that allows it to stay on the head in the windy conditions. The hiking hat can be blown away at any time, so the chin strap helps keep the hat in place. Hats with wide brims offer women more protection because they provide more coverage. In addition, the size of the hat is also very important, if the size of the hiking hat is smaller than the size of the head, it may cause swelling of the head.

Now let’s take a look at some of nice hiking hats for women. You can refer to it and choose you own one that fits you and makes you look great.   

Anti-UV Protection Hat

The hat is made of 90% nylon and 10% polyester. The hat offers you the best protection from the sun, which makes it a unique one. It is the all-round hat which provides maximum protection and complete coverage for your face, ears, and neck. This hat is considered to be the best choice for UV protection. There are ventilation holes in the hat, which allow air passing through the fabric to keep your head cool all the time. The veil can be easily removed from the hat. For girls who like pink, this hat is a good choice for hiking. 

Outdoor Military Bucket Hat

This pink military bucket hat is stylish and neutral. This hat is suitable for women who like outdoor activities, such as safari, camping, hiking, and fishing, etc. This is a unisex hat that both men and women can wear it. The hat is flexible enough to fit for any adult’s head. It also has side air holes to provide ventilation for the wearer. This hat has two different shapes by turning the brim up or down, so you can switch between two different styles. The brim is 3 inches wide, making it easy to block the sun, and the chin cord will help to adjust your hat in windy climates.

Outdoor Women’s Solar Roller Hat

This light blue hat is very suitable for women. It can protect you from the sun very well. It has a wide brim with UPF30+ rating that offers you good protection from the sun. The hat comes with a headband to wick moisture away from the wearer’s eyebrows, while the beautiful brim provides the shade. The chin cord is external and it is adjustable, thus making the hat a comfortable one. The hat is made of 100% nylon, which is light and durable. 

Hiking hats are important for women who love adventures but also have conscious of sun protection. There are many hiking hats to choose from, which come in different colors and patterns, but they all offer sun protection, making your outdoor activities enjoyable. 

Sun-protective Clothing and Hats for Your Kids

Research suggests that just five serious sunburns can significantly increase a child’s risk of skin cancer later in life. Parents should protect their children’s skin from sunburn in the hot summer. The basic approach is to put on sun-protective clothing and hats. Sun-protective clothing can protect the skin from damaging UV rays and against sunburn. Sun-protective clothing is usually made from tighter weave or with thread disperses UV rays and prevents UV exposure to the skin. The UPF of clothes and hats is similar to the SPF of sunscreen, but by “UPF”, which means “ultraviolet protection factor.” UPF refers to how many UV rays can pass through clothing and get to the skin. For example, a shirt with a UPF rating of 70 means that it blocks 70 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

All clothing has some level of protection, but sun-protective clothing is much more protective than normal clothing against UV rays. A white cotton shirt has a UPF rating of about seven, which means that it blocks out seven percent of the sun’s UV rays. By contrast, a shirt with a UPF of 70 is better enough to protect the skin from the sun. Although UPF doesn’t need to be applied on a regular basis like sunscreen, the effect of sun-protective clothing will be halved when it gets wet. It is recommended that everyone apply sunscreen, even if you are wearing sun-protective clothing throughout the day. Sun-protective clothing can form a barrier between the skin and the sun, plus applying sunscreen every day, wearing sun hats and sunglasses, and staying in the shade as much as possible, all of these contribute to a safer sun experience.  

Fair-skinned children are especially sensitive to the sun. Children’s sun-protective clothing should contain Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Made from a tightly structured dye that disrupts UV rays, this clothing is the best choice for children to wear in the sun. Parents should choose children’s clothing with UPF rating of 50+. If your child is still in the diaper age, some of these swimming trunks have built-in swim diapers. Long-sleeved swim shirts with UPF are popular, pairing with swim trunks to provide more protection. 

A short-sleeved t-shirt cannot cover your child’s arms. You can choose a UPF50+ t-shirt for your child. Infants should avoid the sun as much as possible by keeping them indoors in summer. For extra protection, a UPF 50+ sun blanket is the best choice for your kids. If you have to go out, wrap your infant in the blanket.

Hats are the easiest and cheapest way to protect children from the sun’s harmful rays. The bucket hat is soft and comfortable with a wide brim that offers your kids the maximum protection. Choose a UPF50+ bucket hat for your child to get the extra protection. Children’s hats should be full of vibrant colors and cool designs that make your kids look great. A hat with a large and wide brim can protect the face and neck of your kids, and an adjustable chin strap makes sure the hat stay put in their head, especially when it’s windy.

1940s Hats for Men

Popular hats for men in the 1940s were fedoras, Homburgs and Porkpies. In casual dress, young men and the working class wore flat caps. Wealthy gangsters preferred the Homburg. The men’s hats of the 1940s continued the tradition of the most popular hats from the 1930s. Fedoras, Homburgs and flat caps had subtle variations on styles. The Derby or bowler hats were still worn in Britain for older generations, while most men tended to pursue more casual styles and colors. The new hats of the 1940s were Porkpies, bucket hats and sport caps. The Porkpie was popular until the 1950s.  

The main difference between hats in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s were the way they were worn. Most hats were worn tilted to one side. The brim came in many shapes, and many men’s hats from the 1940s had one thing in common: the back brim curved upwards. Hats’ materials from the 1940s were also lighter, especially felt, which was not so heavy, but softer and more comfortable to wear. The lighter hats also reduced the cost of materials.

Hats began to experience a downward trend after World War II. Men had also become less concerned about fashion, so that most men only wore hats for leisure activities, sports and blue-collar work. Another reason for men not to wear hats was that the improvements to indoor heating and heaters in car made wearing hats unnecessary in winter. By the late 1940s, only about 40 percent of men wore hats on their daily life.

Let’s explore the hats that men wore in 1940s.

This Porkpie hat was a hybrid of a felt hat and cloth summer hat. It first became popular in khaki color on college campuses. Summer hats had a higher crown in the front but with a slightly tilted back. Felt Porkpie hats can be worn with business suits and semi casual attire. Black and brown hats can be worn all year round, and khaki was worn in summer. There were thin leather bands and wide Petersham ribbons with flat bow that matched the color of the hat.

In the 1940s, bucket hat were worn on golf courses. It was a casual and sporty hat that was worn in sports and work. Later, the bucket cloth hat was worn by young college kids and young men who living in the country. It featured a floppy brim and side air vents for breathe. The popular colors of hats were khaki, blue, green and brown. The bucket hat was being a work hat and often matched with the color of the work uniform. Usually, it was constructed of twill, rayon, or corduroy.

The classic cap was also called a cap, dress cap or work cap in the 1940s. Today, people call them flat cap, newsboy cap, ivy cap and more. The cap of the 1940s was made of eight triangle panels together in a circle and snapped to a short front visor. Caps came in flat appearance. Men often wore solid colors for summer, such as blue, gray and tan. In winter, grey, dark blue and brown were common colors that men wore.

Best Ideas to Store Your Hats

Everyone has his or her preferences in life. Some people like jewelry, perfume, handbags or shoes. Some people like hats. A hat not only completes your outfit, but also protects your head from the sun. But with so many hats in summer, having a hat wardrobe is crucial to keep them from disorder and even damaging their shape. Since hats come in all shapes and sizes, it’s a bit of a hassle to store them. Here we have collected some ways to store a hat.

  • Dress hanger and hooks

Sorting hats isn’t as difficult as you might think. One thing you need to know is how best to store it. Here’s a very simple way to organize your hats, all it takes is a dress hanger and a hook. You can stick it in your closet with a sticky hook and then use some plastic rings and hang your hats on them. For people with limited space, it’s a good idea to store their hats.

  • Hanging compartments

Hanging caps are the most common way to store hats, but this idea is also very useful especially for baseball caps. It’s also easy to store hats by color, use or brand. Put one hat on each compartment, so you don’t mess up. It is easy and quick to find the hat that you are going to wear on the day.

  • Accent the wall with hats

If you are someone who likes to decorate a room, and you have a lot of colorful and different kinds of hats, such as bucket hat, baseball cap, beret and other hats, why not put them out as showpieces? It is a very lovely and interesting way of doing so. You can choose a wall dedicated to the storage and display of hats, creating a unique decor inside the room.

  • Neatly snuggled inside drawers

It’s a good idea to keep your hats neatly in the drawer. It prevents dust and other factors that may affect the colors of the hats, and makes a good display. Neatly line up the hats in a drawer as shown in the picture. The drawer keeps out dust, moisture and other undesirable factors that can affect the storage of hats.

  • Wire mesh and clips

Although most people choose wooden panels for hanging hats, this unique wire mesh can actually be a stylish choice. The wire mesh offers the right space and support for clips and hats. It is also a simple option for wood board and copper sheet.

  • Larger hooks

If you have a large hat or the hat with a wide brim, while your closet or drawer cannot accommodate them, hanging these hats is the best way to do that so. However, some hat cabinets have small hooks that do not allow the large hats to be hung, which will often leave a hat displayed only on one side of it. In this way, you can display any kind of hat and see it from every angle. Hanging your hats on these large hooks will protect your hats from being damaged. It is very useful for wide-brimmed hats, such as wide-brimmed bucket hat, floppy hat, straw hat and so on.

Iconic Hats

Whether you like it or not, the bucket hat is becoming one of those iconic pieces that may last for a long time. If you think the bucket hat is only worn by fishermen and farmers, then you’re definitely wrong. Maybe you want to know why we call the bucket hat the top choice of the fashion elite.

Nevertheless, bucket hats have been popular in hip-hop music scene for many years, which made it cool. For those who want to incorporate bucket hats into their everyday casual wear, you’ll be pleased to find that there are many ways to do this.

If you want to be safe, just keep to simple design. But if you are bold enough, you can also try subtle patterns, stripes or tonal prints. The applications of bucket hats make them enter into a wide range of fashion and sport field.

From white bucket hats to black bucket hats and even floral bucket hats, the bucket hat is becoming one of the most practical and stylish hats among people. In general, bucket hats are made of durable cotton fabric such as canvas or denim, and with some mesh holes on each side of the hat for ventilation.

Bucket hats have been adapted into women’s fashion items. The classic way to wear this iconic bucket hat womens is to choose a street style. It seems that there are no rules when you’re wearing a bucket hat.

If you are struggling on how to wear a bucket hat and match with your clothes, you’d better forget all the rules about modest colors and simple clothes. Choose a hat with interesting patterns and colors, and you can also add sporty style into it.

If you are fond of it, following I have picked some good bucket hats for you.

This bucket hat is made of polyester which is lightweight and breathable. It offers good protection to keep you off the sun and its harmful UV rays. The hat is packable and foldable which means it can be easily folded and put into your bag or your luggage when you are traveling, hiking or camping. You can just wear a blue shirt with a solid-colored bucket hat, plus you should make your hair smooth to wear the hat.

This black and white striped bucket hat will make you impressive to others. This reversible bucket hat has a wide brim and round dome, which provides you with great sun protection for your face, ears and neck. If you have short hair, it can cover almost all of your hair. This hat is in good quality and solid construction. It is very cool if it paired with a white blouse.

This bucket hat is crushable and packable for which you can fold it into your pocket. There are many side panels that allow air to pass through the fabric and keep your head cool. Besides, the sweatband around the hat can wick away the sweat. It also comes with a chin strap that ensures the hat to safely stay on your head.

Bucket Hats: The Savior of Round-faced Girls

Now the street food tempts people all the time. Girls especially love sweets, high-calorie foods such as ice cream, which leads to more and more round-faced girls. They want to lose weight but cannot resist the temptation of food. They can only let people see your double chin with no obstruction. These girls are distressed by that while cannot make a resolution to lose weight by decreasing food intake. The best way to become beautiful and thin is to cover the flesh on your face. Choose a suitable hat, such as a nice bucket hat, to make your face look small visually.

Summer is the right time to go out, while the strong sunlight often makes us fear. It is troublesome to take photos with a sun umbrella. Therefore, we need a bucket hat, to shade and to pose as well. That makes it become a must-have item for the summer.

When it comes to bucket hats, what will you think of? The hat is worn by fisherman.  These are just definitions of the past. Modern people are good at exploring the beauty around them; they integrate the traditional bucket hat with fashion elements. A bucket hat is a fashion item that can be matched with all kinds of clothes for many bloggers and stars are fascinated by it.

The bucket hat hides your face under its brim, giving people a feeling that you have oval face. It is really the savior of round-faced girls.

The round-faced girl can choose a light-colored bucket hat. For example, an azure bucket hat matches with a striped T-shirt, and hairstyle can also be used to modify the face shape for a round-faced girl. Wearing a bucket hat can make your big and round face look small.

For a round-faced girl with a large forehead, a wide-brim bucket hat can help her to solve troubles. The denim bucket hat has a wide brim and high top; the wide brim can be slightly rolled up without blocking your vision. The bucket hat with rolled-up brim not only modifies your face, but also expresses your personality. Pair with a white T-shirt, which looks very youthful and energetic.

This brown and wide-brim bucket is really suitable for people with round faces. The wide brim highlights your chin line and makes your facial features very stereo. On the contrary, this hat is not suitable for those who have small faces, which would make their small faces hide under the wide brim.

The bucket hat is a long-lasting piece of fashion, and more and more people are beginning to be attracted to it. The chic and stylish bucket hat allows you to wear in combination with all your clothes, such as skirts, shorts and T-shirt, which creates different styles of your wear. Every girl should have a bucket hat that can modify the shape of your face, so that let you easily stay away from the sun and enjoy the quiet time in the hot weather. At the same time, a bucket hat will show your true beauty. 

Bucket Hats for Seaside Holiday

In hot summer, the seaside is the best place for most people to have a holiday. On the beach, you can feel the sea breeze, watch the waves flapping the shore, and listen to the sound of wind. In a word, the sea is the place where many of us want to go in summer.

Many people think that when we go to the beach, we can swim in the sea and play in the water. It will be very cool. In fact, the ultraviolet rays on the beach are very strong. In addition to the direct sunlight, the reflection of sea water and the reflection of sand on the sun are very high. There are no buildings and tree shades on the beach, people will unconsciously be exposed to the sun for a long time when having fun, which increases the time of exposure to ultraviolet rays. In addition, we will wear very few clothes on the beach, and to a certain extent, the exposed skin area will be increased. If your skin is soaked in sea water, the moisture content of the cuticle increases significantly, making your skin less able to reflect light and vulnerable to ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, you are more likely to get sunburned in the seaside, especially when you stay outdoors for a long time. Your skin is prone to swelling, tingling, blistering and peeling, etc. Therefore, the hot sun has become the anguish of thousands of beautiful girls, so you have to do sun protection job. Such as wearing sunscreen, sunhat, sun umbrella, moisturizing spray and so on. It is definitely not convenient to go to the beach to take umbrellas, so a sunhat is necessary. The bucket hat can not only shade, but also leave a beautiful photo of your seaside holiday. Wearing a nice bucket hat can protect you from the sun and its UV rays. So let’s have a look for some beautiful bucket hats for seaside holiday.

A straw bucket hat

Nothing is better than a straw bucket hat; a straw bucket hat is very suitable for the hot summer especially for long-time outdoors activities, such as go hiking, gardening, playing on the beach. The straw bucket hat has good ventilation and keeps your head cool during long outdoor activities. This hat can be worn deep enough to protect your face, ears and neck from the sun, paired with a black gauze skirt which is really comfortable and casual.

A white bucket hat

This white bucket hat has a wide brim which offers a good sun protection. It can make a collocation for all your wear. Matching with a braces skirt, expresses your grace and goodliness.

A wide-brim bucket hat

This bright yellow bucket hat has a large and wide brim, so that you can roll up the brim for a change of pace. This can create a whole new vibe for your outfit, and often changes the entire look of your bucket hat. Whether you want to change up your style or stand out from the rest wearing bucket hats, rolling up your brim can add a personal touch to your hat. A wide-brim bucket hat offers a better sun protection for your face, ears and neck. Then you can enjoy yourself at the seaside.

Denim Bucket Hats

Hats are the best decorations for girls, far more than shoes or handbags. After all, everyone looks at the face at first sight, and the effect of the hat to modify the face is also obvious to everyone.

With the rising of Hip-hop, the bucket hat has become a tool for pose. This accessory with its own function of modifying facial form has inadvertently changed the state of the big-faced people and subtly covers your big face. The bucket hat is the same as the costumes that it is very picky. If you want to make your face look small, you must pay attention to the color of the hat. Remember not to choose fancy hats as it is eye-catching and will let people focus on your face.

The bucket hats come in a variety of materials. Their textures are different and the style of them is different. Today we are going to talk about denim bucket hats. Denim material has always been used to clothes, such as denim jackets, jeans, denim skirts and other items which are made of denim. The most prominent point is that it is suitable for all ages. Denim material has a good ability to absorb moisture and sweat plus it is very breathable. In recent years, denim bucket hats come into people’s view and it is favored by most young people. The denim bucket hat not only has a blue color hat but also black, gray and so on. Just like our clothes, it is also divided into many colors.

The denim bucket hat is really versatile. You can wear a denim bucket hat when you are taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking or gardening. The brim of the hat provides good protection for your face while avoiding obstructing your vision. It also gives you the comfort and breathability that you must need for a summer hat. With its sturdy design, you can match it to most of your clothes in the wardrobe. The denim bucket hats for women hat may look simple and the style is not so diverse. However, they are actually the most functional hats for women. Thanks to the classic design and colour of the hat, it is easy to match this bucket hat with the many clothes in the closet.

This blue denim bucket hat is very solid in its functions. It has a good waterproof function to protect you from rain and water. The brim of the hat is not too wide so that make sure you vision won’t be blocked. In addition to breathable materials, this hat also features eyelet air holes on each side of the bucket hat for extra ventilation, keeping your head cool and dry, even if you have to wear a hat for a long time. You can fold it up and stuff it into your baggage and it won’t take up a lot of space of your baggage. When you take it out, it will return to its original shape with no wrinkles. Although the brim of this hat is not wide enough to cover as many as areas of your face, it won’t become frail when the wind blows.

This grey denim bucket hat has adopted uncut design so that make the hat look more solid. A few contours embellish the entire hat, making the hat look more three-dimensional and aesthetic.